Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wolf Howling - What Does It Really Mean?

What does the wolf say? 

 wolf howling


Press the play button to hear the wolf howling!

Many believe that wolves howl at the moon, however that is only a myth. Though it is true that wolves are more active during a moonlit night because it makes it easier for them to see and hunt. Also, they will howl any time of the day and not just at night. As you may know, this is their way of communication, however they howl for multiple reasons. The alpha male often howls to assemble his pack before a hunt, and to attract a mate during mating season. Sometimes a pack of wolves will howl after a successful hunt and wolves howl more so in the winter months rather than the summer months because their prey is more vulnerable in the snow and also because their mating season starts during the winter. A lone wolf will howl to inform its pack members of its whereabouts and when it is in distress. They can also recognize each others' howl. A wolf pack may howl together to mark their territory from other wolf packs or to warn their pack members of possible danger. 

Are wolves compassionate?

Austrian researchers discovered that wolves will even howl in distress after they lose their mate, or even when a pack member leaves or dies because they have strong bonds with their pack members. This may show that they can suffer from separation anxiety just as humans can and they use howling as a way of mourning or showing compassion for their lost ones. I think this definitely disproves the stereotype that wolves are vicious and ruthless creatures!

A Lone Wolf Howling

Male and Female Wolf Together   


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